Koskö Mill

History of the mill:  Koskö Mill started in 2017 after the owner needed some wool carded.  She discovered that the closest mills were too busy to service small customers.  After speaking with some local sheep owners and related businesses mill machines were purchased.

The mill machines date from the late 1940’s.  These hard working machines have barely been modified in the years since.  In 2016 the machines were moved into Koskö skola, overlooking Karperöfjärden.

The owner of Koskö Mill is a proud ambassador of wool and has since her teens knitted, spun, felted, woven and crocheted wool.  Her children are dressed in wool and even her dog has knitted coats.

Our goal is to operate in a sustainable manner, producing wool products we are proud of.  Ask about the ecological products we use.